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Terms and Conditions
Consignment Agreement
  1. Consignor's Compensation: The consignor shall receive the agreed-upon full amount for their consigned items.
  2. Minimum Consignment Period: The minimum period for consignment shall be 30 days, or one month.
  3. Payment Processing: Upon the successful sale of a consigned product and its receipt by the buyer, our accounting department will initiate contact with the consignor for payment processing within 10 business days.
  4. Early Retrieval Penalty: Should the consignor opt for the retrieval of their product prior to the stipulated 30-day period, a penalty amounting to 10% of the consignment price shall be deducted
Buyback Policy
  1. Buyback Percentage: We shall repurchase products at no less than 60% of their original purchase price within a span of 30 days (one month) from the purchase payment date. This offer is applicable only to products directly purchased from our store.
  2. Exclusions: Products ineligible for buyback include jewelry, shoes, and wallets, as well as products featuring irreparable defects or damaged components.
Purchased Item Consignment Terms
  1. Consignment Acceptance: We shall consider the acceptance of purchased items as consigned products, valuing them at no less than 60% of their original purchase price, within a timeframe of 60 days (two months) from the purchase payment date. This offer is valid solely for products directly purchased from KANEKOJI.
  2. Excluded Categories: Products that fall under the categories of jewelry, shoes, wallets, or items with irreparable defects are ineligible for consignment.
Product Exchange and Return Policy
  1. In-Store Purchase Exchange: Customers are eligible to exchange products within one day of their in-store purchase, provided the replacement product possesses equivalent or higher value.
  2. Extended In-Store Purchase Period: Exchanges or returns for in-store purchases exceeding one day are not permissible under any circumstances.
  3. Online Purchase Exchange: For online purchases, customers can initiate product exchanges within three days of receiving their items by notifying us through the designated ordering channel.
  4. Delayed Online Purchase Exchanges: Items received more than three days after an online purchase are ineligible for exchange or return.
  5. Refund Policy: All items acquired from our store are strictly non-refundable in all scenarios.
Trade-in Policy
  1. Eligible Products: Only products approved by our store are eligible for trade-in.
  2. In-Store Trade-in Criteria: For in-store product trade-ins, we will utilize the regular price as the criteria for trade-in, with sale or promotional prices excluded from consideration.
  3. Restrictions: Traded-in products cannot be subjected to exchange, return, repurchase, or consignment under any circumstances.